If place is defined by memory, but no one who remembers is left to bring these memories to the surface, does a place become no place? (Lucy R. Lippard)

URBAN MORPHOLOGIES Issue #21/09 - a concert installation
by Katharina Rosenberger (composition) and Betina Kuntzsch (video) 
premiered by and in close collaboration with ensemble mosaik

Three Cities in Transition. URBAN MORPHOLOGIES Issue #21/09 is about disappearance, longings and becoming, utopia, resistance and resilience. Architecture for money, divided neighborhoods and rapid change, but also the need for dialogues and exchanges through all social structures are the consequences. The challenges are the same everywhere. The selection of Berlin - Los Angeles - Basel resulted from the collaboration of the participating artists* who inhabit them, witness their transformation and ask themselves how much this change is their responsibility after all?

In URBAN MORPHOLOGIES Issue #21/09 the audience embarks together with the artists on an audiovisual, chamber music and installation tour with indications of the past, present and hypothetical future of these three cities. In the process, the boundaries become blurred and it is sometimes unclear in which city one is currently located. Individual places come into focus, parallels and points of connection emerge, memories and fantasies take on a life of their own. In interviews and recitations, local populations as well as academics have their say; sound worlds of distinctive places are recreated and spun on. The photo and video documentations of the changing cities and their people merge into dynamic visual worlds.

URBAN MORPHOLOGIES Issue #21/09/Berlin - premiered 09/01/2021 at Silent Green, Beton Halle, Berlin +
URBAN MORPHOLOGIES Issue #21/09/Basel - premiered 09/19/2021 at ZeitRäume Basel, in the industrial spaces of CIBA, K26, Klybeckstrasse 161


ensemble mosaik
Simon Strasser - Oboe 
Christian Vogel - Klarinette 
Sebastian Lange - Saxofon 
Ernst Surberg - Klavier / Turntables, auch Performance
Chatchatur Kanajan - Violine 
Karen Lorenz - Viola 
Mathis Mayr - Cello 
Arne Vierck - Klangregie

Gwen Kyrg, Camilla Fehér - Performance und Stimme
Patrick Klingenschmitt - Dramaturgie
Kalma X / Eckehard Güther - Videotechnik

Panagiotis Botzios - electricity generating bicycles, usher (Berlin)
Benjamin Janisch - assistance research on mushrooms & mycelium, usher (Berlin) 



photo ensemble mosaik at silent green
Photo: Antonio Cerezo