Musiques Suisses Grammont Sélection 9

GRAMMONT Sélection 9, Schweizer Uraufführungen aus dem Jahr 2016/17

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CD 1: Dieter Ammann: glut; Carlo Ciceri: Vciz; Exko Kikoutchi: Le Banquet; Oscar Bianchi: Contingency; Walter Feldmann: Esquisse: "le froid"

CD 2: Kimmig-Studer-Zimmerlin: Safran im Februar; Edu Hauensak: Corno Sonoro; Stefan Keller: Breathe; Michael Pelzel: Gravity's Rainbow; Katharina Rosenberger: SPUREN; Antoine Fachard: Anakyklikon; Danieal Zea: Pocket Enemy; Thomas Kessler: Utopia III; Peter Conradin Zumthor: Grünschall2

SHIFT . Katharina Rosenberger . wasteLAnd with RAGE THORMBONES

"Each (composition) is a sonic environment, a utopic or virtual space in which the physical dimensions, temperatures, textures and vectors of travel are all dictated by sound. [...] They are all the intellectually richer for revealing their inspirations in art and cartography, but they do not depend on those narratives for their success, which is why what you are holding in your hand is such an exciting recording. This really is, as the label has it, music with its ear to the future."

Brian Morton, THE WIRE

Shift CD Cover



Michael Matsuno, flutes; Claire Chenette, oboe; Brian Walsh, clarinets/tenor saxophone; Justin DeHart, percussion; Richard Valitutto, piano; Mark Menzies, violin/viola; Andrew Tholl, violin; Linnea Powell, viola; Ashley Walters, violoncello; Scott Worthington, contrabass; Nicholas Deyoe, e-guitar, conductor

Matt Barbier, trombone, Weston Olencki, trombone

1. speed sputter (improvisation) for two trombones (2016) 1:35
2. SHIFT for two trombones and ensemble (2014) 18:43
3. flutter gust (improvisation) for two trombones (2016) 0:42
4. Gesang an das noch namenlose Land for string trio (2013) 19:48
5. RESHIFT 011516-3 for two trombones (2016) 2:10
6. wafts & drifts (improvisation) for two trombones (2016) 1:10
7. modules for amplified quartet and effect pedals (2015) 13:11
8. postlude (improvisation) for e-guitar (2016) 1:50
total time 59:15

Recorded: January 14 &15 and March 6, 2016, Conrad Prebys Concert Hall, University of California
San Diego, USA; Tom Erbe, recording supervision, Andrew Munsey, sound engineer and editor; Andreas Werner, mix down and mastering; CD-master by Peter Pfister: Liner notes by Brian Morton; Produced by Katharina Rosenberger; Executive production by Christian C. Dalucas, Bernhard "Benne" Vischer & Werner X. Uehlinger.

Special thanks to: Nick Deyoe and the wastLAand directors, Abdolreza Aminlari, Desirée Meiser, the Sovak-Antretter family, the UCSD Department of Music, Björn Glaus, Ernesto Klar, Isabelle Hren, Anja Kaltbrunner, Manuela Giorgi, the Rosenberger and the Calumet family. Funded in part through a grant from the UCSD Academic Senate and the UCSD Subvention Grant.

With kind support of the Willy A. and Hedwig Bachofen-Henn Foundation.

Musiques Suisses Grammont Sélection 7

GRAMMONT Sélection 7, Schweizer Uraufführungen aus dem Jahr 2013 (2015)
Musiques Suisse, Migros Kulturprozent, Zürich, CH.

CD 1: Dieter Ammann: unbalanced instability; Beat Furrer: strane costellazioni; Roland Moser: Perrot Soldat; Alfred Zimmerlin: tiw; Rudolf Kelterborn: Sinfonie Nr. 5 La Notte. CD 2: Jannik Giger: Contaminare; Benoît Moreau: Encre et Trompette; Denis Schuler: Ek Balam; Caroline Charrière: Envol; Edu Haubensak: PUR; Katharina Rosenberger: Erzählung; Stefan Wirth: This glacial shore.



TEXTUREN . Katharina Rosenberger . Wet Ink Ensemble

"TEXTUREN is a monumental tour de force with only a defined beginning, but no defined end and an all but continuous, epic musical journey that flows right out of the shrill bending sound of its first electronic notes. The various sections of the suite each reinforcing the composer's belief in the interconnectedness of all aspects of sound are all woven in an endless warp of time. As Katharina Rosenberger says of her opus: „this is a carefully curated sonic landscape of five chamber pieces, all based on the interconnectedness of the aural and the visual, and including contours, lines, textures, and forms derived from and inspired by visual art, geometry, and the anatomy and morphology of plants."
Raul da Gama


Katharina Rosenberger . TEXUREN . hat[now]ART 186


Wet Ink Ensemble
Erin Lesser flute, Alex Mincek, tenor saxophone, Kate Soper, voice, Eric Wubbels, piano, Joshua Modney, violin, Ian Antonio, percussion, Sam Pluta, electronics

1. interlude i – in cloud forests for speaking voice and electronics (2011) * 2:32
2. texturen for seven musicians (2010) ** 8:38
3. miroir for flute and soprano saxophone (2007) 3:04
4. interlude ii – a plant press for speaking voice and electronics (2011) * 1:00
5. parcours iii for eight musicians and electronics (2008/2010) 12:29
6. interlude iii – megalastrum – ferns for speaking voice and electronics (2011) * 3:32 7. scatter 2.0 for six musicians (2010) 9:19
8. interlude iV – these... for speaking voice and electronics (2011) * 0:44
9. torsion for solo piano (2008) 8:25
total time 50:26

Rozalie Hirs, poetry * · Michael Sundue, taxonomy ** 

This Portrait CD is dedicated to Dietlind Antretter

Recorded: January 7 – 13, 2011 at Conrad Prebys Concert Hall, University of California San Diego, USA; Andreas Werner – sound engineer (on 3, 5, 7, 8), recording supervision Joachim Goßmann – sound engineer (on 1, 2, 4, 6, 9, 10); Scott Levine – assistant sound engineer; Andreas Werner – mix & premaster March 29, 2011 ICST, Zurich, Switzerland; CD-master by Peter Pfister; liner notes by Raul da Gama; graphic concept by Fuhrer Vienna; Produced by Katharina Rosenberger; executive production by Werner X. Uehlinger.

Special thanks to: Rozalie Hirs and Michael Sundue, the Antretter-Sovak family, Germàn Toro-Perez, Eliot Gattegno, Brian Griffeath-Loeb, Sara Balance, the UCSD Department of Music, and Ernesto Klar, Isabelle Hren, Anja Kaltbrunner, Manuela Giorgi, the Rosenberger family and Joshua Machat. Funded in part through a grant from the Aaron Copland Fund for Music, ICST Zürich, and the UCSD Academic Senate and UCSD subvention grant.  

* Poetry, excerpts from 'Fern' © 2010 Rozalie Hirs, reproduced by permission of the poet.
** Reproduced by permission of the publisher from: M. Sundue, a monograph of Ascogrammitis, a new genus of grammitid ferns (Polypodiaceae). Brittonia 62(4): 357-399. © 2010 the new York Botanical Garden Press, Bronx 


DOC(K)S 4th Edition, DVD, Akenaton, Campell, France

features audio-visual work The Line

Tile page of art book / DVD Docks
COLLABORATIONS . Cristin Wildbolz

featuring zsoOm

Contrabass & Electronics
a DVD with newly written pieces by the NewComposerPool

on Unit Records
Lausanne, Switzerland

WAX . meierhans & rosenberger

after "Die Wachsflügelfrau"
by Eveline Hasler

WAX CD cover

Composed by Mela Meierhans and Katharina Rosenberger for a commission by Esther Flückiger as part of her music theatre "Sogni - Più belli della realtà svelata".

All original sounds have been recorded and collected over an extended period of time in Basel and Berlin (Meierhans), New York and Zurich (Rosenberger).

Premiered: January 31, 2003, Teatro Sala Uno, Rome
Produced, mixed and mastered: Meierhans/Rosenberger at the Computer Music Center, Columbia University, New York
Graphic design: HinderSchlatterFeuz, Zurich, Art work: Anna Maria Bürgi "gebrochener Flügel"

Many thanks: Brad Garton, Peter Widmer, Hanna Widrig, Rozalie Hirs, Maura Imbimbo, Leslie Leon and Adraâ Boukharta

on stv/asm
Schweizerischer Tonkünstlerverein/Association Suisse des Musiciens, Avenue Grammont 11bis, CH-1007 Lausanne

With the generous support of Pro Helvetia and SUISA-Stiftung für Musik

CIELETTERRA . Lüscher-Rieben-Wildbolz

featuring Notebook

on Altrisuono
Manno, Switzerland