Susanne Elgeti (video live performance Villa Elisabeth 03/05/21, video montage)

URBAN MORPHOLOGIES Issue #21/03 - audio-visual work
by Katharina Rosenberger (composition) and Betina Kuntzsch (video) 
performed by and in close collaboration with ensemble mosaik

URBAN MORPHOLOGIES Issue #21/03 is dedicated to a portray of the city of Berlin solely. A city in transformation, the audio-visual work is about disappearance, longings and becoming, utopia, resistance and resilience. Architecture for money, divided neighborhoods and rapid change, but also the need for dialogues and exchanges through all social structures are the consequences.

ensemble mosaik
Simon Strasser - Oboe 
Ernst Surberg - Klavier / Turntables
Chatchatur Kanajan - Violine 
Karen Lorenz - Viola 
Mathis Mayr - Cello 
Arne Vierck - Klangregie
Eckehard G├╝ther - Videotechnik


Issue #21/03 is part of a larger concert installation URBAN MORPHOLOGIES Issue #21/09 '60 with a triptych portraying the cities Berlin - Los Angeles - Basel.

(for more information, see URBAN MORPHOLOGIES Issue #21/09, stage works)