modules - concert installation

one sees the set up of the saxophone and all its effect pedals

modules is a composition, which can be performed from top to end without interruption, or alternatively the piece can be split up in five smaller sections. These sections I call modules. The composition is conceived for a spatialized set up that invites the audience to dwell in the middle surrounded by the geometry of the ensemble's sonic calls and textures.

modules has been commissioned by Gare du Nord, Basel, for the 2014/2015 Ensemble Nikel Residency.
World premier, March 12, 2015, Gare du Nord, Basel, Switzerland.


Photo: Ensemble Nikel at the Felicja Blumental Festival, Tel Aviv, Israel, April 2016

Ensemble Nikel playing modules in Israel


Brian Walsh, saxophone
Nicholas Deyoe, e-guitar
Justin DeHart, percussion
Richard Valitutto, piano

for the Portrait CD SHIFT, Hat Hut Records, hat [now] ART 199