Gesang an das noch namenlose Land - concert installation

In collaboration with New York based artist Abdolreza Aminlari.
Commissioned by Gare du Nord, Basel and the Swiss Arts Council as a part of the tri-national initiative “Triptic”.  Premiered by the ensemble recherche, January 16, 2014, Gare du Nord, Basel, Switzerland.

Mivos Quartet performs Gesang

Rosenberger and Aminlari take influence from the 1503 publication “Mundus-Novus”, Amerigo Vespucci’s recollection of his travels to the “unknown” coastal regions of Southern America, and from the first cartographies of the region drawn by Martin Waldseemüller, naming the “newly discovered” continent Amerika. The Score and the installation examine and reinterpret the significance of the travels and the subsequent encounter with the unknown cultures and terrain. The musical composition features an open-score, allowing the musicians (Violin, Viola, and Violoncello) to travel and choose their own path through the score. The subsections, closely structured around Aminlari’s three part Installation of tapestries, further pay tribute to Pablo Neruda’s “Canto General” and reveal the core of the composition, paying homage to the pre-Columbian flute melodies of the Los Warao people of northeastern Venezuela.


Photo: Reza Nadji
Performance of Gesang and das noch namenlose Land with the Mivos Quartet, March 26, 2014, Longhouse Project, New York, USA

Audio: Recording of the premier of Gesang an das noch namenlose Land by the ensemble recherche, Église Sainte-Foy, Sélestat, France